How Video Can Help Grow Your Business

A video-first strategy is the best approach to introduce potential clients to your business.


When you think content, you might think of blog posts first. Most people do. But at Ghost Bureau, we think you should pursue a video-first strategy.

Think about your own process when you’re shopping for a new product or service. Before you hit the Add to cart button or go to a store in-person, you likely spend a lot of time on research: Watching videos that introduce you to a particular brand, educate you about the product or service, review the product or compare the product to competitors. Your customers do the same thing. 

So how are you introducing yourself to your customers? We think the answer should lead with video. To make my point, here are three questions. 

How much overall web traffic is video? 
The answer: 81%. Way more people are watching videos compared to reading blog posts. 

How many marketers say that video is a better tool to trigger conversions compared to blog posts?
The answer: 74%.  When they’re considering whether to hire you, video is an excellent way to get potential clients across the finish line.  

Finally, how many people use YouTube to help them make a buying decision?
A whopping 68%. At Ghost Bureau, we believe in blog posts. That’s why so much of our team is comprised of trained journalists and award-winning writers. Blog posts are amazing at boosting a website’s SEO. But for the top of the funnel—especially that first introduction to your brand—the facts are the facts: video first is a great bet. Plus, once we’ve made your video, we can easily write a blog post to accompany it, saving you time and money on content marketing.

At Ghost Bureau, we help come up with video strategy that offers a variety of options to suit your needs and budget. We work with you to make content you love—and that gets you results. And the best part: we make the process easy for you.

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In addition to working at Ghost Bureau, Andrew Imecs runs a popular YouTube channel.

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