What We Do

We’re a team of journalists and content creators that produces video, blog posts, white papers and podcasts—as well as the animated promotional and social media assets required to generate an audience for them. We’re your all-in-one Toronto content marketing solution.

Videos. Podcasts. Writing. Social Media.

If you need content for your business, we can help create it.

(Spoiler: you need content for your business!)

Did you know that 70% of a customer’s buying decision is made before they even contact the company?

That’s where content marketing comes in. You need to educate your current and prospective clients long before they ever pick up a phone to call you. Through videos, podcasts, white papers, blogs, articles and social media, your company can cultivate a relationship with a prospect based on your business and your products.

Make sure people know what your company’s all about and how it can improve their lives. Click the tabs on the left to see examples of content we’ve created for businesses across North America to help them reach their clients in new and exciting ways.



From inspiration to delivery, we’ll work with you to bring your idea to any screen. We create brand videos, FAQ videos and bio videos that let potential clients see the faces and personalities of those who work at your company while also letting them become more familiar with your business and what you do.

See an example of our brand videos.


Sometimes animated videos can be a better fit to convey your message—whether it’s a brand video or an explainer spot about how your company (or an aspect of your business) works. They can be easier (and more cost effective) to create if your team is busy or spread out across the country.  We work with you to develop a concept, create a storyboard of sketches and a script, move to animation, add voice-over (either someone from your company or trained voice actor), and deliver the final project to you.

See an example of our animated videos.


Frequently Asked Questions videos can feature your team answering the most commonly asked questions you get from clients or potential customers. They’re so much more engaging than reading the Q&As, letting viewers “meet” the people who make up your company and get a sense of your team.

See an example of our FAQ videos.


Let potential clients meet your team and hear from them about their background, their history with the company, and their experience in the industry. Viewers get a better sense of personality and can see who they might be working with, should they choose to work with your business.

See an example of our bio videos.


Have an idea for a podcast? We take your idea and transform it into a full season arc, which we write, produce, publish to all podcast platforms and then promote to ensure the right audience is listening. With more than 170 weekly episodes to date, our biggest (and current) podcast project is Eat Move Think, a custom podcast for Medcan healthcare clinic. Each week, a revolving set of guest hosts interview experts who discuss science-based evidence designed to help listeners live well, for life. Other podcasts that Ghost Bureau has produced include Beyond Soap, Real Estate Unplugged, and Five Questions.

Listen to an episode of Eat Move Think.


Whether you’re looking for a white paper, a series of blog posts, or articles fit to print, we’ll work with you from idea to execution to deliver a piece that conveys your intention effortlessly. Our team of writers easily adopts the tone and voice appropriate to you, your management team, or company.

White Papers

Our client, F12, was looking for a series of white papers that would delve into more detail than a typical blog post. Every quarter, we create a white paper, interviewing multiple sources within and outside of the organization, then create white papers like the one below.

Blog Posts

Our personal injury client in Louisiana was looking for a way to drive more traffic to their site over their competition. We created a series of posts to answer their potential clients’ most commonly searched questions and to improve the website’s search engine optimization.


Whether you’re the CEO of an organization, or a big thinker with a big idea, we’ll help you write the book you’ve always dreamed of publishing. At Ghost Bureau, we’ve written and published bestselling books including fiction, non-fiction, memoir and self-help books. Here’s a selection of the books we’ve written.

Social Media

You know you—or your company—need a social media presence, but who has time? We’ll meet with you to better understand your goals, your opinions, your voice—and then create a social media strategy, which we’ll manage by creating original thought leadership written posts and videos for your account. We can manage your Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok… if there’s a platform, we can create for it.

Each month we’ll provide a report, with insights and goals for the following month. We write funny, punny, personal, provocative or research-based posts—appropriate to the person or business we’re working with.

We handle lots of social media accounts—from CEOs to entire companies—but we can’t share those with you… the whole point is that the world thinks they’re creating their own content! Instead, check out Ghost Bureau’s Instagram account to see some of our work.


Whether you have an internal marketing team of ten or no team at all, we’ll work with you to create a communication and content marketing strategy to achieve your goals. This can be as hands-on or hands-off as you like.

Want to DIY as much as possible? We’ll create the perfect plan for you, give you the tools you need to execute it, and then step back to let you run with it.

Don’t want to give your strategy a second thought? After thoughtfully constructing your content marketing blueprint, we’ll send it to you for approval and then get started. We’ll prioritize each month’s projects (including ongoing deliverables), and report back at the end of each month to let you know how the content we’re creating is resonating with your current and potential clients.