How to Get Better Engagement with E-Newsletters

Does your company’s e-newsletter have a low open rate—or low click-through rate? Try these tips to improve it.


There’s no point creating an e-newsletter if no one opens it—or reads it. Here’s how to make your e-newsletter better.

Know your audience

Are you writing to clients? Potential customers? Select ONE audience to receive each e-newsletter so that it’s hyper-focused.

Know your why 

Why are you writing the newsletter? Is it to keep your business top of mind with potential customers, or to get current clients to contact you about a new offering? Choose one key goal and make sure most of the content you’re providing works toward that goal.

Create a compelling subject line. 

“October Newsletter” doesn’t tell your reader anything. You want the recipient to want to open the newsletter, so give them a really good reason—in less than 5 words

Be concise.

70% of people read newsletters on their phone. So keep each element in your newsletter short—under 10 words. Pique their interest so they want to click an item and read more.

What’s in it for your reader?

Your reader has limited time. Your recent team-building event might feel important to you, but before you include it in the newsletter, ask yourself: What’s it in it for the reader? Only include news your reader can use.

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