How to Create a Backdrop at Home

Creating a professional backdrop at home requires attention to detail and a few elements to ensure a polished and high-quality result. Ghost Bureau video editor Andrew Imecs shows you how to make a great video backdrop at home.


Why do I need a backdrop for my video?

A backdrop improves the look of any video. But you don’t need a professional seamless paper backdrop. In fact, a dynamic background with multiple objects is often better than a plain background.

What should I use in the background of my video?

Here are some easy-to-find objects that will make your video look more dynamic:

A lamp (turn it on)

A plant

A bookshelf full of books or colourful objects

What should not be in a video background?

Try to avoid using colours that are similar to your skintone, hair or clothes you’re wearing in the video.

Make sure that the object behind you doesn’t look like it’s emerging from your head (plant leaves are the worst offender!).

What else do I need to know to film my own video at home?

Do a test run. Watch the video. Move objects around. Do another test run. Compare a few versions to see which you prefer. The best videographers are like chefs, testing all the ingredients and amounts until they get the perfect recipe.

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