Can ChatGPT Create SEO-Friendly Content?

The short answer? Not really. Ghost Bureau staff writer explains that if you’re writing a blog post and need it to hit certain SEO targets, ChatGPT isn’t always going to work.


Can I use Chat GPT to create original blog posts?

No. ChatGPT does not create original content. It scours the internet for existing information (from pre 2021). It’s not human. It does not and cannot create original content out of thin air.

Why does this matter? Search engines like Google are looking for original content to answer the user’s search query. ChatGPT’s piecemeal approach to writing isn’t going to have much luck breaking through the real, human-written pieces out there and being noticed by the search engine. 

Anyone human can out-SEO ChatGPT. So if writing isn’t your jam, don’t turn to AI for help creating written content—get yourself a writer.

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